Race Redguard
Gender Male

East Empire Company

Alik'r (formerly)

Fighters Guild (formerly)

Essential Always

Athir is a Redguard warrior in Wyrmstooth.

Biography and AttireEdit

Born at Hammerfell, Athir joined the Alik'r at an early age until he decided to leave the life of an Alik'r behind and live a life on the road.

At some point in his life, he met Lurius Liore and the two had known each other since.

He used to be in service of the Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil before deciding to leave for Skyrim in search for more lucrative work.

In Skyrim, the Silver-Blood Family is one of his most frequent clients. He is usually hired to hunt down Forsworn causing trouble within the reach.

Athir wears a custom armor similar to the regular Theives Guild Armor along with a pair of Hide Bracers and Hide Boots.


Dragon HuntEdit

The Dragonborn is tasked in finding and recruiting Athir for the hunt against a troublesome dragon.

Barrow of the WyrmEdit

Athir and the other 3 mercenaries is tasked to assisting the Dragonborn in finding and hunting down the dragon Vulthurkrah, who is threatening the settlements in Wyrmstooth.

After the dragon is defeated, Athir can be recruited once more by asking him to accompany the Dragonborn in their travels. Athir will also give miscellaneous quests from time to time.

Retrieving EmbersunderEdit

Athir will ask the Dragonborn to retrieve a unique sword called Embersunder at Hag's End.