Dragon Hunt
Lurius Liore

Type Main Quest


Reward 10,000 Gold
Prerequisite Quest Dragon Hunt
Next Quest Free play

Barrow of the Wyrm is a quest available in Wyrmstooth. This quest starts the long journey that will lead to the dragon Vulthurkrah himself.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Speak to Lurius Liore at the docks in Solitude.
  • Follow Lurius Liore
  • Enter Wyrmstooth Barrow.
  • Search the barrow entrance for a clue.
  • Retrieve Goreduster and enter the barrow.
  • Explore Wyrmstooth Barrow.
  • Follow Alberthor.
  • Find a way into the dragon's den through the barrow.
  • Defend the mining settlement from Vulthurkrah.
  • Recieve your reward from Lurius Liore.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The hunt beginsEdit

After informing Lurius Liore of the dragon's message, Lurius and the 4 mercenaries will head towards the Solitude Docks to wait for the Dragonborn.

Once ready for the hunt, the Dragonborn should talk to Lurius at the Solitude Docks and depart for Wyrmstooth.

Once in the Wyrmstooth Docks, Lurius will give a short briefing to the mercenaries about the mission before heading to the local Imperial Mining Settlement through an recently bandit occupied fort and through a short trek in the road.

Once the heroes arrive in the mining settlement, they discover that it was already attacked prior to their arrival. After lamenting the fate of the settlement, Lurius states that the Dragonborn and the mercenaries should head towards the barrow at the far end of the island while Elmera and Theodyn stay behind and tend to the survivors of the mining settlement.

Should the Dragonborn choose to accompany Lurius to the barrow, Lurius will give an short explanation of the island and it's early days of occupation.

Caution is advised once the Dragonborn reaches the volcanic tundra in the middle of the island, as 2 dragons perched in high places may come and ambush him/her and the group.

Once passing through the tundra and making it into the barrow, they discover that the gate has been sealed shut due to a sword needed to open the gate is missing from it's pedestal.


The Dragonborn should then search the nearby barrels and crates for a journal stating the location of Goreduster, a sword used in the pedestal to keep the entrance open. Reading the journal will then point the Dragonborn to a wrecked ship north of the island that was to be used to ship away the sword needed for the pedestal.

Once the Dragonborn finds and recovers the sword, he/she should return to Wyrmstooth Barrow. Caution is advised, as the Dragonborn may be greeted by bandits of the wrecked ship should he/she decide to travel back to the barrow on-foot.

After returning to Wyrmstooth Barrow, the Dragonborn should place the sword back in it's pedestal and proceed deeper into the ruins. Even if the gate is opened, it will still close should Goreduster be taken from it's pedestal once more.

Deep in to the BarrowEdit

The TempleEdit

Once Goreduster has been returned into it's pedestal, the Dragonborn should keep heading deeper into the barrow. Once they enter a large room, they will be greeted by an Mage named Alberthor, who is working research inside the barrow.

After the dialogue, the Dragonborn should follow Alberthor to another room where a Draugr is located behind a closed gate.

Alberthor will explain that he is currently working on a form of mind-control spell. During one of the trials, he states that an Draugr accidentally activated a lever that controls the gate, and the only option to open it is for someone on the other side to pull the switch to open the gate.

Alberthor offers the Dragonborn to mind-control a draugr to find and pull the switch to proceed further. Once the Dragonborn accepts, Alberthor will cast the mind-control spell on the Dragonborn and his/her mind will now be able to control the draugr.

Once inside the draugr's mind, the Dragonborn should head deeper into the barrow where he/she will be greeted by an room guarded by frostbite spiders and draugr. One should not worry, as the denizens guarding the rooms will ignore the mind-controlled draugr.

The dragonborn then should go down the stairs and head up for the other stairs and head right. He/She  then should head left where he/she will end up in a bridge and another room. Keep heading straight and then 3 lefts and go down the stairs and keep heading north. Once the Dragonborn sees an pedestal with a switch, he/she should control the draugr towards it and the switch will automatically activate.

After the switch has been pulled, Alberthor will return the Dragonborn's mind back to his/her original body and thank him for assisting in his research. After the dialogue, Lurius Liore will take his leave and head back to the mining settlement to check on the survivors.

Once Lurius takes his leave, the Dragonborn should follow the same path that he/she took when he/she mind-controlled the draugr. Once he/she end up in the room with the switch, the Dragonborn should head up the stairs and enter the room.

The room houses an Draugr Ceremony Overlord, which is dangerous at lower levels due to the undead utilizing the Dismay Shout, which will affect lower-level followers and possibly the Dragonborn.

After dealing with the Draugr, the Dragonborn should head for the next room and turn right to find the switch that opens the next gate. The true switch is in the next room blocked by a secret wall door, which can be opened by finding the first handle that opens the door. There will be several Draugr guarding the room.

The Dragonborn then should head at the end of the dining hall and enter a room with a trap door in the middle. There are 2 sleeping draugr guarding the room. Taking them out pre-emptively is recommended.

To open the trap door that leads to the barrow, The Dragonborn should find a switch somewhere in the room and pull it. One of the sealed doors will open, which will reveal a small room with movable pedestals. To find the correct combination, find a switch in the small room and pull it. Another sealed door in the trap door room will open with the correct combination inside, which is guarded by draugr.

After moving the pedestals with the correct combination, the Dragonborn should pull the chain close to the trap door to open the gate. The hero must then delve deeper and head for the door that leads to the Refrectory.

The RefrectoryEdit

Once inside the Refrectory, the Dragonborn should keep moving forward to find a next room. He/She will be greeted by the sight of Draugr fighting Bandits and a lone mage. The Dragonborn has the option of ignoring the fight and heading for the next room, which is located north-west of the hero as he/she entered the first room of the Refrectory. The next room is located at the very end of the room to the left.

In the next area, There will be a group of bandits that will greet the Dragonborn. There will also be a Ice Volley spell tome at the nearby table. Once the bandits are defeated, the Dragonborn then should head to the path to the right until he/she finds several draugr fighting bandits. Once done fighting, the Dragonborn should head for the next area. Once entering an two-way hallway, the Dragonborn should head left and enter a room.

There will be an random helmet in a pedestal. Retrieving the helmet will activate an flamethrower trap. In the lower part of the room, there will be several draugr and a Conjure Draugr Deathlord spell tome in the table in the middle. The Dragonborn then should head to the hallway that will lead to another room. Once they end up in a bridge overlooking a room, jump down to the right and head straight for the path that will lead to the barrow's crypts.

The CryptsEdit

Once the Dragonborn enters the crypt, he/she will spot an draugr sleeping in a throne. The Dragonborn then should take the path to the right, and then left before entering an large room.

Heading left will take the Dragonborn to an closed gate that leads to the main burial chamber. He/She should pull the lever to open the gate, but must be wary of the swinging axe trap that will activate once the gate opens. After passing through the traps, the Dragonborn should find a door that will lead to an Hall of Stories that leads to the main burial chamber.

Once reaching the puzzle door, there will be a dead adventurer with the claw for the door and a blood-splattered note. The note states that the combination for the puzzle door is Eagle-Whale-Snake. After opening the door, the Dragonborn will be able to enter the main burial chamber.

After some time, numerous draugr will appear from the coffins. Defeating all of them will cause the last coffin at the end of the chamber to open and awake an highly dangerous Draugr named Suleyk, whom utilizes various shouts such as Ice Form and Dismay. After the last guardian is defeated, the trap door in the middle of the room and a path that will lead to a word wall for the Phantom Form shout will be opened.

Alberthor will then appear and state that the trap door that leads to a deep pit is the path to an dwarven city called Dimfrost, and the only way to get there is to jump into the trap door. Saving the game before jumping is recommended.

Once the Dragonborn jumps, he/she should land safely in an underground lake. He/She then should head for land, where he/she will find a falmer mind-controlled by Alberthor to accompany him/her.

At the next room, there will be an alchemy table and a bed with various supplies. Once ready, the Dragonborn then should enter the door that will lead to the massive dwarven underground city of Dimfrost.


Once the Dragonborn enters Dimfrost, he/she should follow Alberthor's advice on following the main road to avoid getting lost.

Since Dimfrost is even more massive than Blackreach in Skyrim, one should be careful not to stray too far from the main road to avoid getting lost.

One should beware of Falmer and Chauruses while on the road, as they tend to ambush the Dragonborn during their travels.

The path that will lead to Vulthurkrah's den is an large building with a giant 'orb' overlooking the building. There will be numoerus Falmer guarding the building. Once the Dragonborn reaches the main building, Alberthor will take his leave of him/her, stating that he has reached the limits of his mind control spell on the Falmer.

The Dragonborn then should continue deeper into the ruins while fighting Falmer and Automatons along the way. One should be wary of any traps as well.

Once the Dragonborn reaches an dead end with a lever, he/she should pull it. The room will automatically lock itself, and water will begin to fill up quickly until it reaches the path to the dragon's den.

Once reaching the dragon's den and meeting Vulthurkrah once more, he will state that he has lured countless warriors and adventurers to kill them and use their bodies as footsoldiers for his army and storm Tamriel.

After the dialogue, Vulthurkrah will use his powers to raise the countless dead littered in the area to attack the Dragonborn. The Dragonborn should then immediately head for the upper platform and pull the lever to his/her very left to lock the platform's gate. Pulling the lever to the very right opens the path to an exit outside the ruins and into Wyrmstooth.

The Dragonborn should use the locked gate to his/her advantage and attack the fallen adventurers. Ranged attacks, Rune spells, and offensive AoE/Area-of-Effect spells are recommended.

The ConfrontationEdit

After reaching the exit, the Dragonborn will be greeted by Lurius Liore. Lurius will state that the Empire has finally lost it's patience and has sent an Imperial Contingent to 'speed things up'. He will then ask of the dragon's plan.

After the dialogue, the Dragonborn should travel back to the Imperial Mining Settlement and defend the town against Vulthurkrah.

In combat, Vulthurkrah fights just like any other dragon, except that he will constantly use a "Meteor Shout" to attack the player. He also has access to Fire and/or Frost Breath.


After defeating Vulthurkrah, Lurius Liore will reward the Dragonborn with the 10,000 gold bounty placed on the head of the dragon.

The Imperial Mining Settlement will also recover overtime after the attack, and the mercenaries hired by Lurius will become recruitable as well.

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