Race Bosmer
Gender Female
Affilation East Empire Company


Daenlit is a Bosmer ranger in Wyrmstooth.

Biography and AttireEdit

Daenlit grew up in Valenwood where she learned archery and the arts of the hunt. She is so skilled, that even her peers were unable to surpass her skills.

At some point during the Great War, she joined the resistance against the Thalmor in Valenwood, but fled to Skyrim when the conflict in her homeland became too intense.

After she fled, she lived the life as a blade-for-hire for those who can afford her services.

Daenlit wears an custom armor similar to an Stormcloak Officer's Armor, custom black pants and Leather Boots and Leather Bracers.


Dragon HuntEdit

The Dragonborn is tasked in breaking Daenlit out of Solitude and recruiting her for the hunt against the dragon Vulthurkrah.

If asked of how she became incarcerated, she reveals that she was arrested by Solitude Guards for graverobbing.

Barrow of the WyrmEdit

Daenlit, along with the other 3 mercenaries, is tasked in assisting the Dragonborn in hunting down the dragon Vulthurkrah, who is threatening the settlements in Wyrmstooth.

After the dragon is defeated, Daenlit can be recruited once more by asking her to accompany the Dragonborn in their travels.