Important Information
Race Altmer
Gender Female

East Empire Company

College of Whispers (formerly)

Essential Always

"I'm worried this frigid climate will affect my tan." - Elmera

Elmera is an Altmer warlock who appears in Wyrmstooth.

Biography and AttireEdit

According to Lurius Liore, Elmera is a warlock with "explosive tendencies".

This is proven to be true when Elmera explains that she used to train in the College of Whispers until she accidentally disintegrated a fellow student and summoned an atronach inside another person.

After the unfortunate predicament, she fled to Skyrim to research the Dwemer. She also stated that she activated a Dwarven Thresher just as a bandit was stepping on it, creating "cleanly cut fillets."

Elmera wears an custom Elven Armor with blue sleeves and tasset, and without the helmet.


Dragon HuntEdit

The Dragonborn is tasked in finding and recruiting Elmera, who is residing in the ruins of Alftand, in the northern tundras of Skyrim.

Barrow of the WyrmEdit

Elmera, along with the other 3 mercenaries, is tasked in assisting the Dragonborn in hunting down the dragon Vulthurkrah, who is currently threatening the settlements in Wyrmstooth.

After the dragon is defeated, Elmera can be recruited once more by asking her to accompany the Dragonborn in their travels.


  • "I have no idea what you could ever possibly expect from me. Donations? Never."
  • "What do you need? You look like a beggar. What do you beggars do with all that gold we give you?"
  • "I swallowed a fly the other day. Did you know that? Well, you do now. Consider yourself blessed with my wisdom."
  • "Do I look slightly cross-eyed to you? I do, don't I? I knew it."
  • "Have you ever visited Morrowind? Dreadful place. Tried to make ash yam stew once. What a disaster."
  • "Bandits. You're all the same." (When asked to trade items.)
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