Repaying a Debt
Side Quest
Quest Giver Shargam
Location Imperial Mining Settlement
Prerequisites Complete "Barrow of the Wyrm"
Level required


Reward 200 Gold

Repaying a Debt is a quest available in Wyrmstooth. It can be initiated after the Dragonborn finishes the main questline for Wyrmstooth.


Shargam states that he has lost his patience for an unpaid debt by a man named Ulfgar. He requests the Dragonborn to travel to Markarth to find and kill him.


Ulfgar can be found wandering around the streets of Markarth or inside the Silver-Blood Inn. Caution is advised, as the Dragonborn will recieve a bounty if they are witnessed attacking or murdering Ulfgar.

After Ulfgar is killed, the Dragonborn can return to Shargam and collect the reward.