Important Information
Race Orsimer
Gender Male

East Empire Company

Orc Tribes

Essential Always

"I'm the kind of Orc who likes to kill those who asks too many questions." - Shargam

Shargam is an Orsimer berserker in Wyrmstooth.

Biography and AttireEdit

Little is known of Shargam, aside the fact that he "likes to kill those who asks too many questions."

But according to Lurius Liore, Shargam is known to be an berserker who can take more punishment than any other Orsimer.

Shargam wears Fur Armor which only covers his lower body and a pair of Iron Gauntlets and Iron Boots.


Dragon HuntEdit

The Dragonborn is tasked of recruiting Shargam, who is working at the Gloombound Mine in [[Narzulbur] within Eastmarch, to the Dragon Hunt.

Barrow of the WyrmEdit

Shargam, along with the other 3 mercenaries, is tasked in assisting the Dragonborn in hunting down the dragon Vulthurkrah, who is threatening the settlements in Wyrmstooth.

After the dragon is defeated, Shargam can be recruited once more by asking him to accompany the Dragonborn in their travels.

Repaying a DebtEdit

Shargam requests that the Dragonborn find and kill a man named Ulfgar to settle a debt.


  • "I haven't killed anything with my boots yet."
  • "We'd better find something to kill... soon."
  • "I haven't killed anything yet... Keep talking to me, and you'll soon make the quota."