Apexpedia staff are users granted specific user rights to carry out or manage distinct aspects of the wiki. Collectively staff members work to keep Apexpedia operating effectively and efficiently, so that it can be an all around enjoyable experience. Listed below is a list pertaining to all staff members of the wiki as a viable reference:


For more information, see Apexpedia:Administrators.

Administrators, commonly known as admins or sysops, are Apexpedia editors who have been granted the technical ability to perform certain special actions on the wiki, including the ability to block and unblock user accounts and IP addresses from editing, protect and unprotect pages from editing, delete and undelete pages, rename pages without restriction, and use various other tools.


For more information, see Apexpedia:Patrollers.

Patrollers are trusted users granted the custodian and rollback tool to keep the wiki free of any vandalism and who can mark newly created pages on Special:NewPages as patrolled. Patrollers are trusted to not add inappropriate material to Beast Mode Wiki, and make a lot of new pages that do not require patrolling.

Forum Moderators

For more information, see Apexpedia:Forum Moderators.

Forum Moderators are trusted users granted the tools necessary to keep watch over the forums by making sure topics are posted in the correct forum, removing inappropriate threads, editing out image violations, neutralizing spam and spambots and also answer users' concerns about the forum, general questions, as well as respond to specific complaints.

Chat Moderators

For more information, see Apexpedia:Chat Moderators.

Chat Moderators are trusted users granted the tools to kick or ban other users from the chat. Chat moderators are trusted to use their powers appropriately and only against disruption in the chat, and never out of spite or personal bias.

News Team

For more information, see Apexpedia:News Team.

News Team are trusted users hand-picked by the community to write high quality unbiased news and blogs to be featured on the main page. News team members are expected to make their own blogs, regarding interesting topics and discussions that other users will find enjoyable, conduct interviews of other users and staff, research and source all news they discover, and be role models to the community.

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