"You're rather hard to track down, I'll give you that." - Theodyn Bienne to the Dragonborn

Theodyn Bienne is an Imperial In Wyrmstooth. He can be found in The Bannered Mare at Whiterun and later in the Imperial Mining Settlement in the island of Wyrmstooth.


Little is known of Theodyn Bienne, aside that he is an Imperial Courier working for the East Empire Company under Lurius Liore.


Dragon HuntEdit

After the Dragonborn completes the quest "Dragon Rising", Theodyn will begin tracking down the Dragonborn and point him to Lurius Liore at The Bannered Mare, who requests the Dragonborn's assistance concerning a dragon.

Barrow of the WyrmEdit

Theodyn, accompanies Lurius Liore and the 4 mercenaries in Wyrmstooth. He then stays behind to assist Elmera in searching and tending to the survivors of the Imperial Mining Settlement, which was recently attacked by the dragon Vulthurkrah.